I'M ALREADY THERE                                                               我已經在那裡
作者【Richie McDonald(瑞奇麥當勞)/Gary Baker(蓋瑞貝克)/Frank Myers(法蘭克麥爾斯)】

He called her on the road                                                        他在旅途中打電話給她
From a lonely cold hotel room                                                從一個寂寞而又冰冷的旅館房間
Just to hear her say I love you one more time                     只為了再一次聽她說我愛你
But when he heard the sound                                                但是當他聽到電話中傳來的聲響
Of the kids laughing in the background                                孩子們在背景中嘻笑著
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye                             他得抹去眼眶中盈現的淚水
A little voice came on the phone                                            一個稚嫩的聲音出現在電話中
Said, "Daddy, when're you coming home?"                         說,「爹地,你什麼時候會回來?」
He said the first thing that came to his mind                       他說出了腦海中想到的直覺反應

I'm already there                                                                        我已經在那裡了
Take a look around                                                                   請四下看一看
I'm the sunshine in your hair                                                   我是你髮梢上的陽光
I'm the shadow on the ground                                                我是地板上的陰影
I'm the whisper in the wind                                                     我是微風中的低語
I'm your imaginary friend                                                         我是你幻想中的朋友
And I know I'm in your prayers                                                而我知道我在你的祈禱中
Oh, I'm already there                                                                啊,我已經在那裡了

She got back on the phone                                                     她把電話接回來
Said, I really miss you, darling                                                說,我真的好想你,親愛的
Don't worry about the kids, they'll be alright                         別擔心孩子們,他們都不會有事
Wish I was in your arms                                                          但願我就在你懷中
Lying right there beside you                                                    躺在你的身邊
But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight                        可是我知道今晚我會在你夢中
And I'll gently kiss your lips                                                      而我將溫柔的親吻你的唇
Touch you with my fingertips                                                   用我的指尖輕輕將你撫觸
So turn out the light and close your eyes                              所以,把燈關掉,閉上你的眼睛

I'm already there                                                                        我已經在那裡了
Don't make a sound                                                                 什麼話也不要說
I'm the beat in your heart                                                         我就是你心房的跳動
I'm the moonlight shining down                                             我就是傾瀉而下的月光
I'm the whisper in the wind                                                      我是那微風中的低語
And I'll be there until the end                                                   而我將在那裡直到地老天荒
Can you feel the love that we share                                       你能否感覺到我們共享的愛
Oh, I'm already there                                                                 啊,我已經在那裡了

We may be a thousand miles apart                                       或許我們相隔千百里
But I'll be with you wherever you are                                       但不管你身在何處,我都會與你同在

I'm already there                                                                         我已經在那裡了
Take a look around                                                                    請四下看一看
I'm the sunshine in your hair                                                    我是你髮梢上的陽光
I'm the shadow on the ground                                                 我是地板上的陰影
I'm the whisper in the wind                                                       我是微風中的低語
And I'll be there until the end                                                    而我將在那裡直到地老天荒
Can you feel the love that we share                                        你能否感覺到我們共享的愛
Oh, I'm already there                                                                  啊,我已經在那裡了
Oh, I'm already there                                                                  啊,我已經在那裡了


這首歌真的很棒~看完歌詞後~感覺更棒了 ~


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